2002 Angel’s Gate Cab blend

I’ve been reviewing my cellar and found this one begging to be tried. Niagara reds can be big tannic wines. The benefit of that is they can age VERY well. So I was curious how this one held up. Angel’s Gate don’t tend to tame the tannins much. This wine is dark in color. The cork on opening was inky black. On the nose the wine has some mild cherries. On the mid pallet this wine rewards one’s patience. Lovely deep rich red cherries. It’s quite smooth. On the finish the wine is medium in length with tannins that are well under control. It has some nice dryness that builds nicely in the mouth. This wine has aged amazingly. It is delicious. Perfect time to try it. I only wish I had bought more 🙁 According to my notes I bought this at the winery in 2006 for $22. I would give this a solid 90-91.

Update: I heard back from the winemaker AJ at Angel’s Gate and the blend of the wine was 68% Franc, 32% Sauv. The Cab Franc was certainly very prominent in the flavors for sure!

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