Silk oak cab sauv 2009

We stopped by Quinn’s Steakhouse before a play. We were given a gift certificate to the place with our theater tickets. We saw Blue Dragon at the Royal Alex. Man is Toronto ever starved for culture when a play of this caliber is put on a big stage like Royal Alex. And they charged $80 a seat for it? You’ve got to be kidding. I digress …

We had this wine off the extensive by the glass menu. Dark in color with lovely smooth red berries on the nose. On the mid pallet this wine displays beautiful fruit forward California cab flavors with cherries coming through nicely. The finish is on the lighter side of medium with fine tannins and some mild acidity. A beautiful food friendly wine. I paired it with lamb shanks and it went well. 89-90. Unfortunately not in the LCBO so you will have to take a trip out to Lodi California to visit the Winery. Looks like the bottle is worth $14 at the winery. Wow. What a bargain!

According to the web site G.M. “Pooch” Pucilowski Sales in Ontario, Canada (209) 369-2020.

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