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I love coming down to Jordan where Cave Spring is located. You can stay overnight at Inn on the Twenty or if you want to save a few dollars stay at Jordan House just up the street. They are owned by the same people as Cave Springs. I’ve stayed there a number of times and really enjoy it. There’s lots of wineries close. The restaurant at Inn on The Twenty is excellent. They put on a fabulous meal for a reasonable price. It’s a real nice way to celebrate a special occasion. When your done a short walk up the street, Jordan House has a nice pub where you can unwind and enjoy some live music. Ah the bliss.

Cave Springs has for years made my favorite Riesling and Cab Franc. They have been focusing on what Niagara does well and doing some unique stuff. They started trying their hands at the Amarone style Appassimento process.

Here are the mini reviews from the visit:
2009 Estate Riesling $17.95
They explained to me that 2009 was a cool year for whites which brings out more acid in the grapes. For years this has been my favorite Niagara Riesling. This wine is pale in color with a sweeter nose. On the mid pallet the wine is slightly sweet (almost too much) and then finishes with a reasonably long tart finish. I would give this an 88. For my tastes this is not a great year for this wine. I previously considered this the benchmark but no longer sadly.
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2007 Estate Sauv Blanc $17.95
This wine has a slight sulphur odor on the nose. Something I never like. On the mid pallet are some nice varietal Sauv Blanc flavors but the wine is light on the finish and it does not last. I would give it an 87-88. Not bad, but not great either. A milder Sauv Blanc for my tastes.
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2008 Chenin Blanc Estate $17.95
This wine is golden in color with tropical fruits coming through on the nose. On the mid pallet this wine fails to deliver much and is a thin wine with not a great finish. A poor Chenin blanc. But then I have yet to have a good Chenin Blanc from Niagara. I would give this one an 87.
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2008 Dry Riesling $14.95
This wine is definitely not as sweet as the Estate Riesling, but it’s also much thinner. This is not a great one either. I’d give it an 87 as well.
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2007 CSV Chardonnay $29.95
This wine is golden in color, with a varietal California style chard. On the mid pallet are some nice buttery flavors but not out of control. On the finish the wine is smooth and medium in length. This is a well made California style chard. Very nice. I would give it an 89.
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2007 Cab Franc $34.95
This wine is dark in color with lots of black fruits coming through the nose. On the mid pallet the wine has some nice complex dark fruits smack on varietal (for me). It builds nicely in the mouth and has a medium finish. It’s nice and dry with some tannins. It’s still a little young but very nice. I would give it an 88.

2006 LaPenna $34.95
This is an appassimento wine. It is a blend of cab franc and cab sauv. This wine is dark in color with lots of dark fruits on the nose. On the mid pallet this wine is a big one with long tannins on a medium finish that builds in the mouth. The wine has some of that raisin flavor but nothing too overwhelming. I would give it an 88.

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