Gourmet Food and wine Expo

We hit the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo last night at the convention center here in Toronto. As always it was a great event. The place has lots to offer. As usual I HIGHLY recommend public transit. It is impossible at the end of the night to have any clue how much you have consumed. The pours are inconsistent and sometimes you dump, sometimes you drink. The food is good but very expensive so I recommend you have a bite to eat before you go. You can buy tickets online or at the door. LCBO’s have a discount coupon that saves you $3. You pay an admission fee then buy coupons worth $1 a peice. The cost of the tasting is dependent on the cost of the bottle of wine. For 8 tickets we were able to taste 2 ounces of a $100 bottle of wine. Most are between 1 (for the inexpensive bottles) and 3 tickets (so $1-$3). Food also is purchased using these coupons. You can buy the coupons in blocks of 20. My GF and I bought $60 worth of coupons between us and it worked out about right. We shared tastings so we could taste more! Be sure and stop by! Food and Wine Expo

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