Coyote’s Run Unoaked Chard 2007

Was out for dinner at Saucy’s in Streetsville and decided to try this one. There are still some wineries in Niagara (and more opening regularly) that I have not yet been to, this is one of them. Coyote’s run are also making the Bob Izumi label wines. Personally I enjoy the added complexity that a chard can have when it is oaked, malolactic fermented and treated to sur lie. My GF on the other hand does not. So we decided to try this one. The benefit in it not being oaked is you get to appreciate the pure flavor a chard has to offer. This one is quite pale in color, mild on the nose. On the mid pallet are some gentle chard fruits. This is a subtle wine that builds slightly in the mouth especially if you aerate it while in your mouth. The wine is slightly sweet in flavor but not bad at all. On the finish the wine offers up some mild tart flavors to balance out. I would call the finish medium. This is a pretty good wine made in the drink now style. I doubt it would keep a really long time like some chards. All in all I would give it an 88 or so. It’s not in the LCBO so you will have to take a trip out to the winery to get it.

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