Cracked this one the other night. The wine is quite dark purple in color. It’s very mild on the nose with not a lot jumping out at me, some black fruits. On the mid pallets this is another mild Malbec. On the finish is a slight bit of tannic bitterness. Nothing horrible but present. This would be a whole lot better in say 1 year. The finish is medium with a bit of dryness to it. For now this one is not knocking my socks off. It’s well made, smooth (mostly) and all in all an average wine. I would say an 87-88. Not a bad wine, just not stunning. Again not breaking into a panic at the thought of not having bought a case. I certainly won’t be waxing lyrical as the reviewer below did.

Update: It’s amazing what a little breathing/aging can do. I tried this two days after I first opened it and it was like a different wine. The unpleasant finish went away and that allowed the lovely fruit flavors to shine through. If you have the patience to either decant it, or age it I would up this to say an 89-90. The difference was profound.

From the LCBO web site:
TRAPICHE BROQUEL MALBEC 2006 Mendoza Oak Aged The Broquel Malbec consistently goes above and beyond the quality of most wines in its class offering amazing value. A solid Malbec it offers elegance and character with layers of plum cherry blackberries cocoa leather and smoke. It’s medium full-bodied with ripe fruit flavours and moderate tannins and should be served with rare T-bone steaks or grilled rack of lamb over the next 3-4 years. 0 17210 $15.95
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