Masi Rosa dei Masi Rosé 2021

I’ve been enjoying exploring Rose’s, so when this one was on the list I found it intriguing … A Rose made with an Apassimento grape? With great anticipation I cracked this one … on first sip great anticipation turned almost immediately to great disappointment. This tasted like a mouth of cranberry juice, and didn’t really even task like a wine. It’s been a while since I returned a bottle of wine I hated, ya this is get’s that honor … Yuck. Please don’t pour it down the drain, even the fish wouldn’t enjoy it. Nuff said. From the LCBO web site, in case you wanna try it for yourself …


Masi Rosa dei Masi Rosé 2021 - View Image 1

Product Details

Masi, masters of the appassimento technique of using dried grapes in winemaking, employ the method here to add extra depth and richness. The result is a pink wine that drinks almost like a red, with ripe berry, cherry and sweet cranberry notes, bright acidity, and a smooth, generous texture. A good choice for grilled-eggplant salad or mushroom burgers.

More Details

  • Alcohol/Vol13%
  • Made In Venezie, Italy
  • By Vintages Front Line Release
  • Sugar Content6 g/L
  • Varietal Refosco
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