COL DEL FORNO RIVE DI REFRONTOLO Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG – Brut

I had the pleasure of attending a Wines of Veneto event, held by the Italian consulate and I learned lots, including how much proseccos can vary. This particular one was my favorite of the three we tasted. So here are the fun facts. Prosecco, by law, like champagne, can only be made in one specific region. It must contain at least 85% Glera (the grape). This particular one is 100%. Some proseccos are NV (Non vintage, like most champagnes, meaning they blend grapes from different years to achieve consistent flavor). Some proseccos (like champagne again) are left on the lees imparting a creamy texture to the prosecco. This one did not have any creamyness to it. And lastly, proseccos can be fined, although the notes on this prosecco do not mention what it was fined with. Fining a wine is the process of adding an agent that binds to large particles in the wine like pieces of stems, seeds etc, these then fall to the bottom leaving a perfectly clear wine. Often when you read a wine is vegan, or vegetarian it refers mostly to the use of non animal based agents. As an FYI, in Canada, there is no process that a winery can follow to “certify” itself as vegan or vegetarian.

Ok, back to this prosecco … pale in color with a nice soft minerally nose. On the mid palate the wine spot on matches the nose with lovely crisp dry minerally, and citrus notes. Without food the wine’s acidity gently coat the palate leaving a lovely lingering dryness, with lively acidity. This is a super food friendly wine, but I found the complexity was best appreciated on it’s own. At 7g/l this is a dry prosecco. I really enjoyed it. I would give it an 88 or so. Sadly, not currently in the LCBO, but available from Kylix wines for $23 a bottle. Yumm.

From the winery’s web site:

Vines cultivated at over 240 metres above sea level produce the grapes used to make this crystal clear sparkling wine with delicate hints of crisp fruit, acacia and wisteria blossoms. It goes well with all dishes, including fish. In the mouth it reveals an uncommon elegance that’s full and luscious. Serve at 10-12 °C.

VITIGNO100% Glera
ALTIMETRIA200 m.s.l.m
TIPOLOGIA DI TERRENOclay with sandstone subsoil
SISTEMA DI ALLEVAMENTOmodified cappuccina
DENSITÀ DI IMPIANTO3500 ceppi per ettaro
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