2006 Cave Springs Estate Riesling

Ok let’s do a little quizzing. Do you think reds or whites are the most age able wine? Hands up? Well to all you folks who said red ehhhh wrong. In fact Rieslings are some of the most age able wines. So I decided to do a little experiment. I bought this wine in 2008 and it’s been sitting in my wine fridge ever since. Now this is partly because I’ve gone off Rieslings. But none the less I decided to crack this one and see how it faired. Amusingly the label fell off some years ago so the wine outlasted the label 🙂 Golden in color with slightly sweet nose. On the mid palate the wine displays some nice rich apricots. The wine actually reminds me flavour wise of an ice wine. The wine is slightly thicker in texture. Not syrupy but noticeably thicker. On the medium length finish the apricot lingers quite nicely. This is a nice smooth almost dessert wine. There is a hint of petrol notes not uncommon in well aged Riselings. I originally paid $18 at the winery. I would give it an 88 or so. A nice experience all told!

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