Red Stone Winery 2012 Limestone Pinot Noir

We recently took a trip down to visit our favorite wineries in Niagara Fielding, and Kacaba. While down there we lunched at Peninsula Ridge. Always a lovely way to spend a day! This time around we decided to throw in a wild card … go to a winery we hadn’t been to, and had never tasted one of their wines. Every winery has a story and this one is no exception. It is owned by the same folks that own Tawse. They have their own winemaker (an Aussie) so they are doing wines of a different style than Tawse.

This wine is garnet in color with a mild rustic varietal nose. Niagara make some lovely pinots … On the mid palate the wine displays some nice varietal rustic fruit notes, and soft red berries. On the medium length finish this wine displays some nice smooth tannins and some dryness. This is a middle of the road pinot. Not as fruit forward as some, not as big as others. It is very food friendly. I would give it an 88 or so. We paired it with rack of Venison and it went very well. Mild enough to complement the Venison without overwhelming yet still bold enough to hold it’s own.

From the Winery’s web site:
First single‐vineyard release from the Limestone estate vineyard. Located on the Twenty Mile Bench, the 16‐year old block is farmed sustainably. Aged 16 months in French oak, this elegant wine displays notes of black cherry, raspberry complemented by earthy and floral notes.


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