2012 Fielding Fireside red

Fielding and Kacaba are two of my favorite wineries down in Niagara. They have been making some consistent quality wines at reasonable prices for a while now. This one, is just another example of that. It’s 52% merlot 48% pinot noir blend. A little darker in color with pinot noir dominating the nose. Some nice softer red berries along with some rustic notes. On the mid pallet the wine matches the nose with some lovely varietal pinot noir notes coming through. Soft red berries, strawberries maybe even a little raspberry along with some nice rustic notes. And that’s were the merlot takes over. The finish is medium in length with some typical Niagara Merlot earthy notes coming through along with some darker berries. There’s some tannins, spice and acidity on the finish that linger nicely. This is a very nice wine especially given the everday price of $15.95. I would give it an 88-89. Not in the LCBO so you will have to take a trip out to the winery. Gee darn 🙂

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