Forty Creek Cream Liquor mini review

I don’t drink a lot of liquors but one of my weaknesses is Baileys. A friend pointed this one out to me and I had a chance to try it at the Gourmet Food and wine show. I was shocked how good it is. Creamy, smooth, and VERY similar to Baileys, one might even say better. Baileys is $17.95 for 375 ml so the Forty creek is even cheaper. I do wish they sold it in a smaller bottle, but none the less. If you like Baileys and like supporting Niagara, give this one a try!

From the LCBO web site:
Forty Creek Cream Liquor—LCBO#: 281378 | 750 mL bottle $29.50
Alcohol/Vol 17.0% Made in:Ontario, Canada By: Forty Creek Distiller
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