2012 Pilliteri Canadian Gothic Red

I was walking through a farmers market at Ryerson the other day and there was Pilliteri. They explained to me that there is a pilot project allowing wineries to sample and sell there wines at farmers markets! An excellent idea. Ontario’s archaic alcohol laws need some change if only the teeny tiny one this represents. I do digress.

This wine was made explicitly to address the entry level price point, selling for $9. And to top it off they had a $5 off coupon making this a $4 bottle of wine. This wine is a blend of merlot and pinot noir. Dark in color with a slightly sweet nose with raspberries coming through. On the mid pallet this is a fruity wine with raspberries to match the nose. The wine is on the lighter side of medium in length with some tannins, some dryness and some acidity coming through. For a $4 bottle of wine this is not bad. I would give it an 87-88. Sadly I would have to say it’s one of the better Pilliteri wines I’ve had 🙁

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