A while back my Dad asked for a recommendation for a Christmas present to give my brother in law who is quite the Barolo lover. I did some research and came up with recommendation for him, this wine. My Dad surprised me by giving me one! I’ve been carefully cellaring this wine since 2006 waiting for just the right moment. I did a Barolo tasting with the Toronto Vintner’s club and it pointed out to me this wine is probably ready. If you need some help with your cellar Check out my cellar services to see if I can help you.

Dark in color with a mild nose of dried fruits. On the mid pallet this wine is still displaying some beautiful rich Barolo flavors, some nice dried fruits, black cherries. On the finish this wine is long in the mouth with some lovely fine tannins, some nice dryness and some mild acidity. This is still 11 years later a big wine. Very nice and well made. The wine went for $59 in 2006, the current vintage in the LCBO a 2006 is going for $64. I would give this a solid 91. What a glass of yum.

Thanks Dad!

Check LCBO stock for the currently available vintage (not the one here)

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