2010 Hidden Bench Felseck Vineyard Gewürztraminer

Fast review of Hidden Bench’s 2010 Gewürztraminer. This single vineyard white was much more than I was expecting, and I have to admit I am not a Gewurtz fan.

If it is even possible to call a drink this, this wine is a very good looking wine. A soothing yellow with a fragrant nose greets you and all I could think was “this is going to be good.” Tropic fruit and hints of vanilla are distinctively present. The first sips produces pineapple and orange. The acidity is not sharp and you could almost say the wine envelops your tongue as it lingers to the finish. The fruit is not consuming and you get hints of that vanilla and even a touch of floral notes. A single word comes to my mind as I write this: rich. The wine tastes and feels ‘rich’ in my mouth. Even with this I would say the wine is softer than expected, and while this surprised me, it also raises concerns for the second bottle in the cellar and how that will taste when it is eventually consumed. While this offering is well balanced, decently priced ($29 at time of purchase), and overall pleasing; it is not, however, great. ‘Good’ will have to be enough for tonight.

The CWG Subjective Rating is 87 out of 100.



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