2005 Cave Spring Estate Bottle Cab Franc

Back in 2008 I picked this one up at the winery. For me Cab Franc is a signature grape for Niagara. It is one of the things they do VERY well. And 2005 was a superb year for Niagara reds. When young they can be big tannic monsters. Pallet singeing. For these big ones don’t even think of approaching them for at least 5 years. They will age well due to the big tannins. With this in mind I have been patiently waiting to open this one. You know when a wine is ready to be drunk? When you just can’t wait any longer. And that was the case. Lamb was on the menu and this one just fit the bill! Dark in color with some slight browning around the edges (common with aging). On the nose the wine has some light bouquet of red berries. On the mid pallet this has become a lovely smooth well balanced cab fran. The fruity tastes have subsided, a sign I may have waited a little too long. On the finish this wine has become a smooth elegant wine with some lovely firm tannins, and some lovely dryness on a medium to long finish. This wine paired extremely well and held up to BBQ rack of lamb. I even used the wine to marinate the lamb in to further heighten the pairing. I would give this a 91. I originally paid $23.84. It currently goes for $29.95 in the LCBO for the 2007.

Check LCBO stock for a different year.

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