2007 Stratus Cab Franc

One of the Red wine varietals Niagara does VERY well (in my opinion) is Cab Franc. They make some wonderful big bruising wines. Ready to stand up to steak or lamb! And this one is no exception (if you like them that way). Approach this too early, or without breathing and you will have a mouth where you won’t be tasting much of anything other than the wine! This ain’t no wine you sit on the patio sipping in the summer heat …

Inky dark in color with spot on varietal nose for a cab frank. Lots of dark berries and some oak. On the mid pallet is where this one comes alive. It is deep and rich with dark berries and cherries coming through in spades. The finish is dominated by firm tannins and a dry pucker power that leaves your mouth going yum (or yuk if you don’t like big wines). I would say this wine should age well and will likely be even better in another year or so as the tannins ease a bit. I would give this a solid 89-90. I tasted this one at Corks. $38 at the LCBO. I’m thrilled Stratus did not find it necessary to blend this wine in anyway. It can be appreciated 100% on it’s own, in all it’s grandeur!

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