When I first was offered this wine at my GFs place the first though that crossed my mind was … huh … I didn’t know Alsace did a Pinot Gris? The next though was how curious, a French label that actually means something to the layman? 🙂 I’ve had some Pinot Gris that are so clear they could be mistaken in the right lighting for water. This one is pale in color with a slightly sweet nose. On the mid pallet this wine displays some slight sweet honey suckle which for me was dead on reminiscent of a Spatlese Riesling. The wine is on the lighter side of medium on the finish with sugar being the dominant taste. This is by no means a terrible wine. But not exactly to my taste either. They call this a terroir wine which would seem accurate cause not far away in Germany there they are making Rieslings. I could easily close my eyes and be convinced I was drinking a Riesling. The one thought that would not come into my mind is wow this is a lovely Pinot Gris 🙂 But then I am sure you already figured that out! I would give this one an 87. For the money, $19.95 look elsewhere.

Check LCBO stock I have to admit I find myself wondering … is there any point to putting a link to check stock after slagging the wine? Hmmm

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