2010 J. Lohr Painter Bridge Chardonnay

Pale in color with a nice varietal chard on the nose. On the mid pallet when first taken out of the fridge displays mostly a fruit forward light chard, more reminiscent of a chablis. Once the wine warms up the California style comes out displaying some lovely vanilla, and caramel. The wine is medium in length with some lovely vanilla and complexity living on as well as a little bit of tart acidity gripping the tongue. This wine is a bit too young right now and the complexity this wine has to offer will come out in a year or so. For the price $13.20 this wine is a good deal as a lot of the J. Lohr’s are. I would give this a solid 89-90. Check LCBO stock.

If your looking for an inexpensive chard for every day consumption this is a good choice!

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