Lucien Crochet Sancerre Rouge la Crois du Roy 2008

Another one from the Trialto Try and Buy event. I’ve had a number of Sancerre wines but they’ve always been whites. I had to check and sure enough Sancerre Appellation red is a Pinot Noir! Always good to try something new you’ve never had before. This wine is ruby in color with a rustic nose. On the mid pallet this wine is a varietal smooth easy drinking Pinot Noir with some rustic notes and some strawberry coming through. The finish is medium in length with some nice tannins, some slight tartness as well that build nicely in the mouth. This is a lighter, smooth, well made pinot noir that would be very food friendly. I would give this a solid 89-90.

The wine is $37 available on consignment from Trialto by the case.

Ben Hodson is the “Liquid Art Specialist Ontario” on this wine. Feel free to contact him for more information on how to purchase this yummy wine!

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