Alvento Aria 2007 Nebbiolo

The Nebbiolo grape is an Italian grape that is used in making Italy’s famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines. In Italian form these wines are big bruisers with lots of super dry pucker power! Problem is Barolo’s can be quite expensive. Barbaresco’s are a good alternative at a lower price point. One of my favorites is CASTELLO DI NEIVE BARBARESCO at $21.80 it is a great wine at a great price. I digress …

I have never been to Alvento winery but encountered them at the Gourmet Food and Wine show. When I saw they had a Nebbiolo I had to try it. I had no idea there was anyone other than Ridgepoint making a Nebbiolo in Niagara. Dark in color with a lovely nose of dark berries. On the mid pallet this wine is brimming with Red berries, and deep rich flavors that fill the mouth. On the finish this wine has the super dry pucker power a Nebbiolo ought to deliver. Lots of firm tannins that build VERY nicely in the mouth. I was HUGELY impressed with this wine. They have recreated the Italian experience very nicely. I had a Barolo and a Barbaresco at the show just before trying this one and it was clear to me how authentic it is! I would even say they have done it better than Ridgepoint. I would give this wine a SOLID 90. Perfect with a steak or any big hearty meal. The 2006 is in the LCBO but the 2007 isn’t. Based on the price difference $21.35 for the 2006 and $34.90 for the 2007 I would say they are having some year to year variability. Not a surprise as they figure out how to grow this grape in our climate. The 2007 for now is only available at the winery or off the website.

I’m thoroughly impressed how people like this are doing incredible pioneering work in Niagra wineries. Taking risks planting unique varietals like this. Hats off to you! I had the pleasure of meeting the wine maker at the show.

2006 at the LCBO.

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