Gourmet Food and Wine show

I went to the Gourmet Food and Wine show last night! If you’ve not been before, be sure and check it out. You pay $40 to get in, and then pay for sampling tickets. The cost of samples varies depending on what the bottle is worth. It’s a great opportunity to sample a lot of different wines in a short period of time for reasonable money. My GF and I went through about $60 in sampling tickets. Most of which I used 🙂 There is food at the event but we chose to eat first to save our money for the wine! The show is located conveniently in the convention center and the crowds last night were quite manageable. Be sure and take public transit because it is almost impossible to tell how many you have had by the end of the night. Union station is a 15 minute walk which you can do entirely inside. It runs all weekend. Be sure and check it out! Gourmet Food and Wine show

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