Kacaba 2008 Cab Franc

Cab Franc for me is a signature grape for Niagara. They can do it very well. They can also do it very badly. Cab Franc in France is more often than not heavily blended. In Niagara as well as other places they make 100% Cab Franc. The benefit is that you can tell exactly what flavors come from the various grapes in a blend when you get familiar with them on their own!

This was my first visit to Kacaba winery and the second of three I tasted during my visit. The first was the Pinot Noir.

Cab Francs from Niagara can be big tannic monsters. I have often heard that you should not even consider drinking one before a min of 5 years. Taming of these brutes is the challenge posed to the winemaker.

This wine is dark in color. On the nose are lots of dark berries but not a strong or overwhelming bouquet. On the mid pallet dark berries come through. Some ripe cherries, a hint of mocha/cofee, and some oak. On the finish this wine is a smooth well made Cab Franc. I was shocked how approachable this wine is right now. Tannins are well in check. Little to no bitterness. Oak and alcohol are under control. Yet the varietal flavors expected in a Cab Franc are there, just well balanced and smooth. The staff member was telling me the 2009 is one of those big tannic monsters. Not ready to be touched yet.

This wine (the 2008) should hold up well to a good steak or lamb. I am not sure this is one that will keep a long time. I would give it a solid 89. It’s not in the LCBO. At the winery you can grab it for $18.95 which is a good deal.

Kacaba Winery

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