2008 Kacaba Pinot Noir

I first tasted the Kacaba wines at a tasting event at the Brickworks and was impressed. I was down in Niagara this past weekend doing some mountain biking in Short Hills Provincial park so I made a point of stopping in at Kacaba. It was quite busy at all the wineries this weekend. I walked in looking a little rough coming off of a mountain bike, and in spite of this found the staff at Kacaba VERY attentive, approachable and knowledgeable. Hats off to them!

On pouring this wine it is the typical light garnet color for a pinot noir. On the nose this is a clean pinot noir with none of the traditional earthy notes coming through. Instead there are some lovely ripe cherries that dominate the bouquet. On the mid pallet this wine is a very well made smooth Pinot. Again ripe cherries, some rustic flavors but all in all a smooth well made pinot. If your looking for a boisterous pinot, this one won’t be to your liking. On the finish the wine has lovely chaulky dry tannins that build as you continue to drink the wine. This can only be experienced if your enjoying the wine without food. Give a bit of time in between sips and you will experience this additional layer of complexity of the wine. This is however, a VERY food friendly wine. We paired it with a prime rib and it went VERY well. I would give this wine a solid 90. Given Pinot’s are often more expensive the price point on this wine $22.95 is a good deal. I can’t imagine this will last a long time, I wouldn’t buy too many. But given you can’t get this at the LCBO, a trip to the winery is in order. A crying shame isn’t it! Well done Kacaba!

Kacaba Winery

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