Day 4

What a day, what a Looooong day.

Gertrude the GTB’s air conditioning is officially dead. Not the fuse, not freezing and not the r134 charge (done less than a week ago), just dead, put a nail in that coffin till we get her home.

In other news today was hot, how hot? 114 on a few road side signs, How hot? St Louis damn near drowned, blew and lightning strikes us to dead. How hot? The better half felt the post CB (thunderstorm) mid 90s cool.

For those not in the know: 78 GTB + no A/C = Hades hot.

Besides all that we smiled ourselves silly today. Gertrude is a trooper, and as I write this we have finished a pre-dawn to 19:00 day covering some 625 miles with route 66 and Interstate driving. So it was a great day.

We have a very short jaunt into Chicago where the better pregnant half will be rewarded for her amazing fortitude with Shopping! and a nice Dinner.

Thursday morning will be a run for the border!

Post more tomorrow, cheers!







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