end of Day 3

What a day! Early start, lots of historic Route 66, a meet up with a fellow Canadian Ferrari owner (shout out to Glen aka ‘Otis’) in Oklahoma City and an amazingly complete trek along 66′ to end of Tulsa.

Half without air conditioning in 102-110 heat with a 22 week pregnant woman! Ouch. I am still alive as I write this so she has to be a) tough as nails b) awesome c) not so ‘well’ in the noggin. A & B for sure with a smattering of C. The A/C was suppose to be charged before it was out of California, so I am not sure the issue, hoping it just is frozen due to high heat on road and 5 hours of use.

We have driven over 1400 miles in three days since leaving Vegas at noon, not too shabby. Gertrude (the GTB) seems to be driving better in fact (well minus cabin cooling). If you are reading this and own a Ferrari and you do not put 1400 miles on in one year, shame on you!!

Tomorrow we start the 66 climb north, we are hoping to get ~400 miles in tomorrow if all goes well.

Some of today’s pictures.








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