Gumfields 2007 Pinot Noir

I was at the New Zealand Wine fair last night. I was amazed how many kiwi’s (that what New Zealanders refer to themselves as) there were serving wine at the event!. New Zealand in case you don’t know specializes in Sauv Blanc and Pinot Noir with some good chards as well. The evening was great with lots of very nice food, some super Canadian cheeses and of course … some great wines. New Zealand wines tend to be a little more expensive just simply because it is a more expensive area to make wine in. So if your looking for that next $9.99 bargain, it might not be coming from New Zealand.

This wine for me was the best Pinot Noir of the evening. The wine is lighter in color, and the nose was smack on what is expected from a Pinot Noir. Some nice rustic smells. On the mid pallet the wine matches the nose with some lovely reasonably deep pinot flavors. The wine was medium in finish and all in all this wine was lovely. I would give it a 90-91. According to the distributor it retails for $23.95 but is currently not in the LCBO. A shame. The winery’s web site for now has little information on it, so this is one of those wines you taste at a show (or read about in a blog) and then never get to have. Pooh.

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