Pardon Us Joshua Greene?

Who is Joshua Greene you may be asking? Mr. Greene is Editor, Publisher and President of Wine & Spirits Magazine. Why am I calling him out? The atrocity that is his 23rd Annual Guide is the reason. In this annual magazine that lists in his, and his staffs, viewpoint top 100 Wines, Best Buys and Wineries you will not see a single mention of a Canadian wine/winery or winemaker. This is of course not shocking as Mr. Greene is a Californian centric writer who is proving once again that his magazine is good at in-depth looks at American wines, while wines outside of the USA better come from a big well known house ‘or else’. It is not tremendously difficult to rank Latour, Cheval Blanc, Krug, Louis Roederer and Pierre Morey in your top 100 without much thought or worry, who will challenge you? Ranking 28 American wines in your top 100 on the other hand, including an icewine, is nothing more then ridiculous, slanted and bias. 28% of the world’s best wines come from the USA? To make it even more of an insult towards the Canadian wine industry is that every country included in the top 100 (including Austria and Greece) each had a top red and white, yet there were no entries from Canada.

Mr Greene, you and your staff/panel could not do the same justice to Canadian wines as it did to the other 13 nations, I personally find that insulting, apologies are in order.


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