Organized Crime 2008 Reisling Reserve

I was given this wine as a Christmas present from my sister. Thanks Caroline! Ah what’s in a name? I have no idea what to think about the name of this Winery Organized crime. Should I be intrigued, offended, sleeping with the fishies? I am even more perplexed by the label. What should I think about that?

Is there a statement here that somehow the Church is Organized Crime? And reading the description on the web site about the feuding churches I still don’t get how that has anything to do with Organized crime.

Ok let’s just say I don’t get it.

So enough of that, onto the wine. The wine is pale in color mild varietal reisling with a hint of sweetness on the nose. This wine is quite interesting. It takes each element of it to the limit and then stops just shy of being too much. On the mid pallet there are some noticeable sweet flavors, I would say more honey, apricots and the like. But just before you start to think it’s too sweet it stops. At just the right point. Then comes the finish and it does it again. There are some lovely well balanced tart flavors coming from the acidity of the wine. And again they stop just before they are too much. The wine is on the medium side of finish. It does not go on as some Rieslings can, it manages to stop at the right point. The wine is extremely food friendly. I paired it with a roast chicken leg with chocolate brownies for desert and it went quite well. As you regular readers know I as well as CWG find the Cave Springs Estate reisling to be the bench mark. This one comes quite close. A very well made wine. Goofy name and label aside I enjoyed this wine. I would give it an 89-90 with extra marks for the way the wine always stopped just before being too much! Unfortunately it is not in the LCBO so you will have to go out to the winery to get some. Maybe while there you can ask them to explain the bottle/name of the winery and educate me. The wine is $21 at the winery.

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