Norman Hardie estates (Winery visit in Prince Edward County)

This write up is from our trip this summer to the Prince Edward County area. See the entire article at my Prince Edward County trip blog

None of these are carried in the LCBO (for now).

Norman Hardie

2007 Pinot Gris (County) $25
Slightly sweet, Riesling like. The wine is on the lighter side of a medium finish. Very pale in color with a mild bouquet. Fairly typical of a County Pinot Gris

2007 Riesling $21 (Niagara)
Frankly I am a little prejudice towards wines like this. If I want a Niagara Riesling I will go get it in Niagara. I’m not sure I see the point. And given that CWG (and Mrs CWG) and I (and my GF) all enjoy the Cave Spring Estate Riesling … Always good to put biases up front. Very pale in color, light in flavor. It has a noticeable sulfur smell with a taste to match. Not a nice wine. I can only assume they had to use a sulfate to preserve the wine to ship it from Niagara to the county … I have never encountered this in any Niagara wine.

2007 Pinot Noir $35 (County)
Classic Pinot Noir color. Slight dill smell to it (as I have encountered in Niagara when they are not well made). Varietal Pinot Noir flavors albeit a very mild wine with a mild finish.

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