Eight wine bar (Downtown Toronto)

We stopped by Eight Wine Bar after it was written up in the star.



Urban Spoon


They feature 20 wines by the glass for $3 for a 3 ounce tasting their recommended size. We had a meal as well which was good. We were attended to by Jason one of the managers their and he was very good. Quite enthusiastic about the wines and attentive.

Most of the wines are unfortunately not available at the LCBO. Here’s what we tasted. I only had my iPhone with me so sorry the pictures aren’t the greatest. When it got dark taking pics was impossible so I don’t have all of the bottles either …

Sibling rivalry 2008 white
Reisling is dominant (60%). Mild finish. Not a bad wine but nothing incredible for my tastes I’d say an 87. Well balanced, slightly sweet. A varietal Riesling, so might has well just been a Riesling for me.


Santorini Boutari 2007 87
Very Sauvignon blanc like with a med finish with some complexity 88 or so


First step chard 2008 (Aussie)
Middle of the road chard 89. All in all very nice. Nice fruit, oaks under control, slightly buttery.


Legends semillions
Honey on the bouquet slightly sweet 87.

Kaleido 2003 cab Sauvignon
Smack on varietal smell and tastes for a cab. Yummy 90! This one was carried in the LCBO for $14.95. Wow missed that bargain.


Torres temprabillo 2007 vina brava
Mild temprabillo slightly sweet 88, not great.

Carlos Basso cab sauvignon
Yummy cab 91

Kummer Schuster 2008
Fruit forward simple wine 87 strong oak

Peter Zemmer 2006 Pinot nero
Also fruit forward simple table wine 87

Aglianico topics 2006
Reasonably complex reasonably dry fruity slightly raisiny flavor 88

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