2008 Angels Gate Sussreserve

I grabbed four Canadian whites today, all between 12 to 16 dollars. This is one of them, which at $14.15 is relatively inexpensive for an off-dry Riesling of this quality. The Angels Gate Winery named the wine Süssreserve as Süss means sweet, and at a 2 sweetness scale it is just that (ignore the LCBO site that says it is a 3 and read the tasting notes from the winemaker here). As I need to pack and run off to the airport, AGAIN, I will be brief tonight, on to the tasting!

Pale, pale and even more pale in colour, this wine when served at the correct temperature should have a very subtle nose of seasonal Niagara fruit (peaches, pears, apple). None of these are overwhelming, and in fact the wine will across as crisp despite it’s sweetness. The acidity is well portioned and there is a hint of minerality to this wine. Overall nothing jumps at you, maybe a tad extra citrus amongst all the fruit. Generally this is one of those wines you keep in the fridge for that warm day where you want a nice glass sitting on the terrace. It is neither overwhelming nor is it a weak offering, a nice middle of the road off-dry Riesling that does not hurt the wallet.

CWGSR is 85 out of 100


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