2006 Malivoire Chardonnay

First off a warm hello, it’s been a sporadic summer for me in terms of reviews and content. I doubt it will change much as I have a wealth of travel still remaining. This post will be small but the key to this is: fantastic wine!

Having survived my Aussie adventure to the outback (Cobar), with special thanks to Ingrid and Stewart for their great hospitality in Sydney, I have been torn between work, puppy and of course Mrs CWG. This Malivoire wine deserves a half hour’s (that is how long these quick posts take me) effort. I have taken to Chardonnays of late, and as such as I was looking for a wine to bring home tonight (the cellar is off limits) and this Canadian entry caught my eye. Malivoire is right on the Beamsville Bench and has had some mixed reviews from me in the past. I find them hit or miss on whites and reds, never a good sign going into any review, I know. This wine comes from the great 2006 vintage, a year which may prove to be one of the best in Niagara’s wine history. Let’s go to the tasting.

Pale straw in colour, this offering has hints of green apple on the nose. Initial sips will lead to the thoughts of creamy and buttery. The fruit in this is there, not overwhelming, not distinctive with orange playing alongside the green apple (apples and oranges I say!). There is little to no lingering oakiness that you would find in a California Chard, as well, while slightly toasty, it is only subtle, much like the entire wine. This is a good simple wine which should solve your dilemma of what to drink on the patio in the midst of a warm hot day.

Enjoyable and economically fair, I recommend this bottle with a CWGSR of 87 out of 100.


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