Just back from a week long vacation in the exciting new area for wines of Prince Edward county! Look for some reviews of the wines/wineries/Inns in future posts … For now:

A while back I spent three magical weeks in the south of France not far from Nimes. We got a real taste of this small new appellation. So when one comes up it brings up some lovely memories for me. When they talk about la garrique a fragrant herbaceous ground cover I can totally remember the smells. And of course getting my legs totally cut up biking around the sharp unbrush … I do digress …

So I bought this one. On opening the bouquet is quite mild, color is nice and deep. On the front of the wine there is not a lot going on on and them BAM … right out of Emeril Lagasse’s show it hits you … I have read before when they say the wine tastes like cigars or tobacco. This one is definitely that. It is hugely overpowering on the finish. After a day of breathing the wine has settled some and while the tobacco tastes are still there you can now taste the traditional sweet berry flavors of Nimes based wines. If I had more of these I would be taking them back. 86 or so. Very poorly made wine. No balance …

From the LCBO web site:
CHATEAU DE LA TUILERIE SYRAH/GRENACHE 2007 AC Costieres de N&icircmes (Chantal Comte Prop.-Recolt.) Surrounding the ancient city of N&icircmes the Costieres de N&icircmes is the most southerly appellation of the Rhone and borders upon the Languedoc region. This Mediterranean-influenced blend of Syrah and Grenache has good depth of black and red fruit flavours as well as peppery spice earth and garrigue notes. Try it with lamb tagine with fennel. 126128 $15.95

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