2006 Balnaves Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

Since I have just returned from my voyage to the outback (yes the real outback) I figured I would do a fast blog on this wine we opened tonight. We bought this on our trip back in October and really we had no plans to open one anytime soon. But with limited space (read no space at all) in the cellar and a few new bottles needing a home I felt that one of of these could be had for the right convincing (aka asking Mrs CWG to decant). Our Balnaves visit was one of our first in the Coonawarra region and that day was simply a pleasure. A great Cabernet Sauvignon region, I was very pleased with most of the offerings from the five cellar doors we visited that day. This wine in particular left me thinking of a polished French offering. On to the tasting!

Dark inky purple with a heavy hint of fruit, that is what the decanting yielded. A few swirls released black cherry and vanilla. What a nice nose it actually had. For a Cab this is quite even and soft for it’s age. The tannins are neither sticky or overwhelming. The longer we went into the bottle, the more blackcurrant and cherries took over. Oaking is hinted at (despite 20 months in tight French barrels) and only a hint of dark chocolate and vanilla really can be attributed from it. This wine is very enjoyable and if you can, the price is right (roughly $35AUS when we bought it from the cellar door), try and pick up a case as this should cellar well and reward you with patience. We will leave our second bottle on it’s side for at least 3 to 4 years, while if we can we will attempt 5 to 10.

The CWGSR is 89 out of 100.


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