2004 Fattoria Monte Chianti Rufina Reserva

This was a recent Vintages release (June 6th) that I stumbled upon in my local store a week or so ago. A Chianti Rùfina (Reserva no less) priced at $20 is always a good potential bargain so I leaped in and grabbed one. On our recent trip to Tuscany, Mrs CWG and I actually avoided the Chianti region and as such our collection is rather lacking. The Rùfina region is the north-eastern most area of the modern Chianti region, with the historic Fattoria Monte being only a stones throw east of Florence. The Bellini family owns the vineyard and members of the family still run it while producing around one million bottles per year. This sangiovese based wine is Chianti Rùfina d.o.c.g. On to the tasting!

With a deep crimson colour this wine had a good cherry nose right off the start. Hints of licorice and a hint of vanilla were the compliments to red cherries on our first few sips. The tannins were normal for a chianti, medium to strong. The finish was rather short for a wine that exhibited such a full body on the first few sips. The fruit remained as we made our way through the bottle with hints of spices and more licorice poking their heads up amongst it. Overall, this wine as decent, but nothing special. The price makes this a good enough value to bring to a dinner party and not be embarrassed, but by no means would I recommend grabbing 3 or 4 for your cellar.

The CWG-SR is 86 out of 100.

Mrs CWG & Bacchus say

Ho Hum.


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