2004 M. Chapoutier Monier de la Sizeranne Hermitage

This is one of those bottles we decided to get two of when they were released in February. My thoughts on buying this pricier northern Rhône were simple, I really enjoy wines from Michel Chapoutier. The wine giant calls this one of their Prestige wines from the AOC Hermitage, more then enough reason to try a bottle. Many people believe the term Hermitage means syrah/shiraz, while the primary grape is in fact the grape made truly famous by the Aussies, it does not mean that it is synonymous with it. While Chapoutier has become an extremely large vintner it still produces some of the best wines from the Rhône region, be it southern or northern. This Hermitage comes with high praise from what is generally a mediocre vintage year. This organic wine has one of the Michel Chapoutier distinctive abbreviated Braille labels that have become semi-famous in the wine world. My taste buds were simply primed for this bottle, so on to the tasting!

The decant provided a raspberry to rust coloured wine that emanated licorice and berries. The first swirls brought forward more raspberry with a hint of spices. The first few sips showed a firm body with tannins that were evident, not overwhelming, just chewy enough. The finish was long and eventful. As you get into the wine currants and licorice remain as some minerals are brought forward as well. This wine is well crafted and with the tannins the way they are and the solid body I’d assume you could lay this down for another 2 to 5 years without it harming or hindering the over quality in this offering. Will it necessarily improve it? Possibly but that we will leave for the second bottle. Quite a nice wine overall, but as is the case with many Rhônes, overpriced.

The CWG SR is 90 out of 100.

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