Sangria Recipe

I am off on a business trip so I thought I share a quick and easy recipe for sangria. The rest of the week will be small little updates on wines I am drinking on the road. Sangria is great with any Mexican dish, really it is. This recipe has on many many many occasions passed the sangria test. I think Mrs CWG and I first fell in love with the purple punch treat at our favorite bar in Paris called “Le Bar Dix“. Conveniently located just off Saint Germain Blvd. in the 6th quarter (left bank) this little literary/dive bar is so quaint that the ambiance alone could bring you back, add in a great jukebox with jazz tunes, tremendous conversation with Jean-Luc the suspender wearing barkeep and good sangria and you have a recipe to succeed! So back to my sangria which is very different. I base this recipe on a 1.5L bottle of average red. Valpolicella’s work amazing, and for the punch we served on Monday night we used a 2007 Val by Cantina di Negrar which was $2 off at the LCBO and a good bargain at $15.95. On to the recipe!

1.5L Red wine
1 to 1.5 cups rum (dark is my favorite)
0.5 cup white sugar
2 to 3 pieces of fruit, sliced into small slices (lemons,limes,oranges are best)
1 to 1.5 cups orange juice

Pretty darn easy: get a large jug, think capacity of minimum 2L but I’d do 3L, pour in the sugar, cut up the fruit and squeeze the juice a bit out of them and throw into the jug, pour in rum, pour in wine, pour in orange juice, mix well, refrigerate for 2 hours.




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