Restaurant Wine Rant

I try extremely hard not to use this blog or anything else I contribute to as a forum for negativity or ‘ranting’. Too many blogs are simply verbal diarrhea for whatever the blogger feels is peeving him/her off at that fleeting moment. This will unfortunately be one of those. Apologies in advance.

Last night Mrs CWG went to dinner with a friend and ordered a glass of TAWSE Chardonnay (a 2006 I believe). The wine was delivered with a good teaspoon of sediment (chunks not small particles), which by itself can happen, what ensued should never have. Despite the missus’ best intention she could not flag down her server to correct the issue, but eventually the manager came over to her. What the manager said leads into this rant “it is normal for that wine to have sediment, some wines are suppose to have it.” Now obviously he had no idea that Mrs CWG was knowledgable on wine, he simply tried to cover a serving mistake (and for a glass of wine priced at $14 a glass it is a mistake) with a level “bovine dung” (thanks Heath for the synonym…). When Mrs CWG corrected him that she was aware certain wines do get sediment and that it is normal (though I doubt a 2006 Chardonnay should have that much…), what was not normal was serving the wine with it the issue was corrected.

So to the manager of “Four” at 187 Bay Street, please do not assume your customers are ignorant and teach your servers how to correctly pour wine, especially when you are charging outrageous prices by the glass.

Wow I feel much better 😉


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