2004 Andrew Peller Signature Series Riesling Icewine

With Mrs. Cwg and I running out of room in the Wine Fridge/Cellar we decided it would be a great time to have one of our dessert wines to ‘make room’. After perusing the collection I decided to grab our 2004 Riesling Icewine that seemed to be darkening by the day over the past few months. Despite being in correct cellaring conditions this wine had darkened quite a bit leaving me with a twinge of worry. Mrs CWG did the honours and we sat down with this caramel coloured icewine. The colour aside, it was an impress wine. As with all icewines the sweetness is not for everyone, this wine had reached a velvety texture that with the sugar made it feel more port like (feel not taste). The citrus that this wine must have had in it’s younger days had diminshed with apple, pear and honey coming out now.

After having enjoyed this wine I hold to the belief that you can lay down a good quality icewine for several years and you will be amply rewarded with a much different wine then what originally was bottled.

Andrew Peller Signature Series 2004 Riesling Icewine


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