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So much in so little time, Wednesday afternoon here we are coifing pints so time for a summary.

For breakfasts we hit The Bourke Street Bakery Cafe which is a zoo. Good cafe pulls and good pastries/breads. For Sydney it seems a real hit, for Toronto it would be doubly so, for Paris it would be pedestrian. Good but not fantastic.

Today we hit Cafe Zoe (apologies for no accents I cannot find them on my mobile) which was no more then adequate. The muesli was good, cafe passable and the sausage egg muffins over-priced. Service took a decent experience and made it less so…

Since it was raining on Tuesday we stuck to the CBD (central business district) and ended up at the Strand Cafe for lunch. In 2002 I had lunch at the same location (though different establishment) and had fond memories, unfortunately it did not live up to those. We had turkey in honour of the day back home, but it was only ‘good’, seems the change was not for the better. In the afternoon we hit the Three Wise Monkeys pub for pints and people watching, a good spot if you are on George St.

Dinner came down to Vietnemese on Oxford St. near King’s Cross. Saigon Bay was outstanding (the full house at 9pm a good indication). As this is Sydney we went BYO and picked up a 2006 Cockfighter’s Chardonnay. For the price we expected much more. Crisp, citrusy with a soft finish. No chance we’d have another sadly.

For today’s lunch we hit the famous Sydney Fish Market. We both had some excellent fish fare before wandering to Darling Harbour for a break and pint. Jamie Squire’s Amber Ale at The Watershed is a great beer that rivals the Mill St. Brewery Tankhouse Ale!

Well that is the update, Mrs CWG is darn near walked to death!

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