Ridgepoint 2016 Merlot Cabernet Ripasso

Ripasso is a style of wine from Italy pioneered by Masi that repasses, or passes over the skins of a another wine that in turn imparts flavor and complexity. This particular wine has recaptured this spirit here in Niagara. Dark in color with a mild dark berry nose. On the mid palate the wine displays some nice dried fruits and rich dark berry notes. On the medium length finish the wine displays lovely bold tannins, mocha and the dried fruit notes linger in the mouth, particularly without food. This is a food friendly wine and is spot on to what one would expect from a Ripasso. A good rich, complex wine, for a reasonable price! I would give it a -88. Available at the winery for $20 a bottle.

From the winery’s web site:

VQA Twenty Mile Bench

This medium bodied Ripasso style red wine was made using the Italian tradition of aging wine on the pressed grape skins from Appassimento wines. The fermented Merlot was added to barrels containing the lees and skins leftover from the pressed off partially dried grapes used in our Appassimento wines. This process adds colour, texture, and enhanced flavour in this blend. The result is a wine that displays jammy dark berry fruit aromas and flavours supported by notes of vanilla and spice.

Serve at room temperature (16 to 18 C). Enjoy with grilled red meat, or charcuterie and hard cheeses.

2016 Merlot Cabernet Ripasso Image
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