Partake non alcoholic beer

I attended the recent Toronto Wine and Spirits festival and these guys were there sampling there non alcoholic craft brewed beer. If your like me, and these guys it seems, you’ve been underwhelmed by the non alcoholic beers. Why would you want a non alcoholic beer? Well maybe you decide to give your liver a break for a day or two but would still enjoy the taste? I’ve tried two of their offerings at this point the Pale which is available at the LCBO and the Blonde which is available at the Beer store. The Pale is a little more hoppy and bitter than the blond at an IBU of 10 while the Pale is 8. I preferred the Pale, just more to my tastes but both are quite flavorful and give no indication your drinking a non alcoholic beer. At only 0.3% alcohol, and only 15 calories there’s a surprising amount of flavor! I tried the get some of the beer at the beer store only to arrive and find out their online stock was wrong. So I gave up and ordered it directly from the brewery They delivered it quickly and right to my door by Canada Post. Obviously if you can get it at your local beerstore then it’s cheaper simply because they don’t have to ship it to your door. Price wise I paid $55 for a 24, so $2.30 a can.

According to Chelsea from Partake brewing it is legal to drink these anywhere you would a soda or a bottle of water! Way cool! This by the way was confirmed by the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario who said ” Any beverage containing over 0.5% alcohol is considered an alcoholic beverage and would not be legal to drink in public without appropriate permits. ”

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