2017 Trius Cab Franc

I was wandering out of the grocery store and grabbed this one, solely for convenience. I hadn’t noticed it was a 2017, I guess it didn’t spend a lot time (if any) in Oak? Dark in color with a fruity cherry nose. On the mid palate the wine matches the nose with fruity cherry notes to match the nose. I’d love to rave about this wine, but it’s a disappointing fruit bomb. The kind of wine a friend shares with you that they made themselves and you smile and say how good it is 🙂 On the lighter finish the wine displays some mild tannins. I would give this wine at best an 86-87. If I had more I’d take it back. Now the only question is whether I dump the bottle (sorry fish) and not ruin the food, or endure. Either way, don’t buy this wine … yuk. ~$15

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