Beau’s New Lang Sang – Holiday Drinks to Try

Wait, what? Beer?

With the 2017 holidays upon us, we will try and get 5-6 posts up of interesting things to look for when you go to the liquor store this festive season. Often times we get emails asking for suggestions or advice, and it is very easy to spout off a style or varietal, it is challenging however to find something that goes outside the norms; and this Belgian inspired beer will give you just that, something outside of normal.

Beau’s has been one of the more remarkable and successful craft brewers in Ontario over the past few years as the boom occurred. Most know their cult-followed Lug Tread, a beer that is worth always having in your fridge. This winter special is without a doubt not for lovers of bland pilsners or ales; but as well, those fans of Beau’s other brews might find this out of their wheelhouse. This Tripel style is a tad unusual if you are a trappist fan. It is a bold, sparkling strong beer. It has the body and bottle that initially indicates Champagne, but in the bottle you will find just a competitor to the bubbles, nothing else is even close. It is a strong beer made to be enjoyed on a cold winters night, with bold food (and people). Be warned, do not use Champagne glasses, but ensure a good long neck for your own enjoyment (and safety).

Overall the taste was fruity, tangy and solid. The long finish yields a spicy, heavy on the palate taste, and overall I found one was enough. But at 9% APV, that may not be a bad thing if you are trying to do more than lie around on the couch. Like life, you should try everything, and this is no different.



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