Wine laws in Canada

I find it irritating that our government is out negotiating free trade agreements with other countries but wine still today does not flow freely between our provinces. Work is in progress to fix this, and right now the laws are a confusing patchwork leaving the consumer to negotiate the mine fields on their own. Fortunately, some wineries are blazing new trails. The reality is, we in Ontario do not get a whole lot of Okanagan wines brought into the LCBO. I recently attended a tasting of Culmina wines and was impressed enough to want to buy some. So I checked and sure enough they sell them direct to the consumer. Shipping was $25 for 6 bottles which seemed reasonable enough. The shipper they chose to use was temperature controlled, ATS Healthcare. My order arrived pretty quickly. Being a unique product, something you can not always get in Ontario, I figure it will make a great Christmas gift for the oenophiles in my family (hopefully they aren’t reading this 🙂 ).

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