Calera Mount Harlan 2012 Chardonnay mini review

Pale in color with a nice varietal nose. On the mid palate the wine displays some lovely rich varietal fruit, nice apple/pear and vanilla. On the medium length finish the vanilla lives on nicely in the mouth. This is a well oaked chard. Right up my alley. I would give it an 89 or so. Yumm Full bodied and rich is what the LCBO calls it and I would agree!

From the LCBO for a different year:
Calera Chardonnay 2013 — VINTAGES#: 968925
STYLE – Full-bodied & Rich $44.25
Release Date:March 21, 2015
Alcohol/Vol 14.0% Made in:California, USA By: Calera Wine Co Sugar Content:2 g/L Sweetness Descriptor:D – Dry Style:Full-bodied & Rich Varietal:Chardonnay Description’Yes, Josh Jenson is nuts about limestone. That single word distinguishes this tiny region from everything else in California. Mount Harlan provides California with just about our only window on the French claim about the importance of this bedrock to their great Burgundies. There are, to be sure, other calcareous areas, notably the shales of Paso Robles west side, but true limestone is not a California thing’ (Clark Smith,, May 12, 2009). Serious Chardonnay fanatics won’t want to miss this uniquely mineral expression of Cali’s microscopic Mt. Harlan AVA, which contains just one winery: Calera.

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