2013 Kacaba Cab Franc

Niagara cab francs are some of my fav wines. They have really gone through a fabulous evolution of the years. For a long time they were edgy tannic monsters you didn’t dare approach for 5-10 years. Over time the wineries have learned to tame the beast and come up with a wine just like this one. Kacaba have been doing some great things for a number of years now, and regular readers know I’m a fan and visit the winery often. The staff are amazing (and no, they don’t pay me to advertise for them :)). Dark in with a nice varietal dark cherry nose. On the mid palate the wine displays some lovely rich dark cherry fruit along with some nice chocolate and mocha. On the medium length finish the wine displays some nice vibrant acidity and some fine but firm tannins. There is some noticeable oak on the wine. Alcohol is well under control. This is a perfect example of a well done, elegant styled cab franc … yumm. I would give it an 89. Pair it with something like steak/lamb. Looks like the winery is onto the 2014 vintage of the wine. I paid $24.94 at the winery.

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