Bruna Maje Bianco Riviera Ligure di Ponente Pigato 2014

Italy is one of those places that have a positively dizzying array of unique grapes. A number of them are only grown in a very specific area of Italy. A number of them are never grown anywhere else. Interestingly enough, genetic testing is confirming that these are in fact unique grapes, rather than different names for the same grape. The Pigato grape is one of these unique grapes. A search of the LCBO does not even find one Pigato … We had this wine at Terroni’s, one of my favorite Italian restaurants. The food, service and wine list are all excellent. They bring in a number of unique wines in just for the restaurant. Pale in color with a slightly sweet almost honey suckle nose. At the very front of palate there is a brief hint of sweetness but that passes super quickly and you are left a crisp dry wine. On the medium length finish the wine displays some nice herbacious notes along with a hint of greenness. The wine has some nice lively acidity. It’s a very food friendly wine. I would give it an 88 or so. The wine seems to be worth around $15 a bottle, at Terroni’s they charged a whopping $43 for a half liter, that’s quite the extortionate markup . Ouch. I honestly think this is EXACTLY what motivates restaurants to bring in wines not in the LCBO, so you have no idea how much they have marked them up by.

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