2012 Vineland Estates reserve Chard

Pale to golden in color with a lovely varietal chard nose of apple and pear. On the mid palate the fruit is big with some nice apple and pear to match the nose. On the medium length finish there’s some lovely vanilla and butterscotch along with some nice acidity and a hint of pepper. Be sure and not serve this wine too cold or you will miss a ton of the depth and complexity. This really is a very nice chard. We served it with pan fried cod and it went really well. A perfect compliment to the meal. I would give it an 88-89. Yumm. By the way, the term Reserve on this wine does not refer to length of time in the barrel (which was 12 months) as it does for some wines, but rather a quality designation. The grapes were hand selected and sorted.

From the winery’s web site:
Varietal: Chardonnay Region: VQA Niagara Peninsula Country: Canada Vintage: 2012 Alcohol: 12.5% Acidity: 5.25
This latest vintage displays an entirely new level of excellence, focus and refinement within our Reserve Chardonnay pedigree. All the enticing elements including the fully developed hardwood fruit notes plus the limestone and shale pulses are completely interwoven and harmonious. This wine will keep you eager and engaged as it continuously draws you in. A beautifully integrated acidity helps to parse and enliven the weighty palate and leaves you looking for that next encounter. Winemaker: Brian Schmidt Retail: $34.95

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